Are missing teeth causing you to hide your smile? For patients who are missing most or all of their teeth in one or both of their dental arches, Dr. Aaron Bushong offers All-On-4® dental implants in Wausau, Wisconsin. The All-On-4 system uses four dental implants to replace your entire dental arch, providing you with a stable, long-lasting and natural-looking restoration. If you are interested in learning more about replacing your teeth with dental implants, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our dentist by calling Wausau Smiles at 715-842-3933.

All-On-4® dental implants is a revolutionary implant procedure that permanently replaces all of your teeth in the upper or lower dental arch, or both. This particular treatment option provides you with not only a natural-looking restoration but also a durable one that can last a lifetime! Traditional full-arch replacement procedures use between six and eight dental implants, whereas the All-On-4 system only uses four implants. Plus, traditional procedures typically only place few implants at a time, which means that your treatment can end up being as long as 18 months, during which you have to about your life with an incomplete smile. At our practice, we believe that our patients should receive the care they need right away so they can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, complete smile.

The All-On-4 dental implant treatment stands out from traditional implant procedures and offers several benefits to our patients, including:

  • Less invasive by using only four implants
  • All implants are placed at once, so you only need one surgery
  • Your dental restoration is attached to your implants at the time of surgery, so you do not have to leave our office without a complete smile
  • Customized dentures and restorations for a natural-looking smile
  • Less expensive than other treatments that require more implants

Many patients are good candidates for the All-On-4 treatment. During a consultation with our dentist, we will review your oral health and determine whether your mouth can support dental implants. If you have a few remaining teeth in a dental arch, our dentist may recommend that you have them removed prior to your implant procedure.

If you would like to schedule your consultation for All-On-4 dental implants, we invite you to contact our practice today. We look forward to helping you regain your complete smile!