The procedure and recovery for removing one or two teeth is fairly quick and simple. However, if a patient requires multiple tooth extractions in Wausau, Wisconsin, our dentist will need to take some additional steps to prepare for your treatment. In most cases, Dr. Aaron Bushong will need to shape your jawbone to help prepare you and your mouth for receiving dentures after your surgery.

Once your teeth have been extracted, you may experience:

  • Large amounts of swelling throughout the mouth and face, possibly around the eyes.
  • Discoloration around the eye area. To relieve this, use a warm compress.
  • A sore throat and other muscle soreness.
  • Dry and cracked mouth

After a multiple-tooth extraction, most patients will have a follow-up appointment with our dentist within the first 48 hours. This is to ensure that your recovery is going smoothly. We encourage you to follow all and any post-operative instructions that our dentist and team provide to give you the most comfortable and positive experience possible.

For additional information about multiple tooth extractions, we invite you to contact Wausau Smiles at 715-842-3933 and set up a consultation with our dentist.