Removing wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure, and it does require some recovery time post-treatment. In order to help you prevent complications after your treatment, such as infection, we encourage you to follow our post-operative instructions carefully.

Once your procedure is complete, our dentist will use a gauze pad to help control and stop bleeding at the extraction site. Leave this gauze pad in place for at least 45 minutes post-surgery. You can change out the gauze pad if you are still bleeding after the initial 45 minutes.

When you return home from your surgery, be sure to:

  • Avoid drinking with a straw or rinsing your mouth, as this can cause the blood clot to become loose and result in dry socket.
  • Rest and participate in minimal activities. Keep your head elevated to help stop bleeding and lessen swelling.
  • Follow the instructions for any pain medications

If you have any questions as to how to care for your mouth after wisdom teeth removal, or to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Aaron Bushong, our dentist in Wausau, Wisconsin, we invite you to contact Wausau Smiles today at 715-842-3933.