At Wausau Smiles Dental, we are committed to providing you with high-quality dentistry that is personalized to your specific needs. We respect your time and the trust you place in us, and when you’re with us, you are always our most important patient.

Every member of our friendly team is happy to take the time to get to know and listen to your concerns. Please give us a call to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to getting to know you!

- Dr. Aaron Bushong

What if I have a dental emergency when your office is closed?

Having a dental emergency can be overwhelming, but it helps to know that care is available whenever you need it. In many cases, prompt treatment is essential for protecting your oral health.

At Wausau Smiles Dental, we don’t ever want you to experience the helpless feeling that you’re on your own when a problem arises. We are here for you, and Dr. Bushong is always just a phone call away.

If your emergency occurs during office hours, we will do everything we can to work you into the schedule the same day. Since dental emergencies often can and do occur after hours, we’ve got a system in place so you can reach us when you need us. Simply call our main office number or our emergency number, and Dr. Bushong will return your call promptly.

We want to do everything possible to help protect your oral health, and emergency access is just one way we make it easy to get the care you need. Our team goes out of their way to treat you like family so you can feel comfortable with us, no matter what the circumstances. 

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